Tell The Press About SPN

We will find national papers and regional papers that best match the location information you give us.  Then, through the form on the next page, you will be able to write your quick letter to the editor, which will then be submitted electronically to the paper(s) of your choice.  

See below for the name of the Stink Tank in your state -- remember it so you can include it in the text of your letter.  This is your letter and should be in your voice.  As mentioned in the reports, some things that you might want to note are:
  • In many cases, the majority of the money that funds these institutions comes from rich, out-of-state donors.
  • This institution claims to be a so-called state-based “Think Tank” but really it is part of a national network of groups, connected to the controversial American Legislative Exchange Council, that is involved in extensive political activity in our state.  
  • Organizations like this have pushed for extreme right-wing priorities like privatizing our schools and restricting the rights of workers to enrich their millionaire out-of-state funders.  
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